Turman Pellets For Sale

Turman Pellets For Sale

Why settle, when you can have the best pellets!  Turman Pellets are hardwood pellets and known in the industry as the best pellets in the country, people ask for them by name.  L.T. Rush Stone & Fireplace is happy to be a distributor of Turman Pellets.  You have invested in your home with a quality pellet stove or insert, now you can treat it right.  Turman Pellets are a clean-burning home heating alternative that can be burned in a pellet stove or fireplace insert.  Keep your home or office comfortable and inviting with the feeling of warmth.

We have many customers requesting quality pellet products and we are always striving to bring the best to our customers. In striving we are providing pellets that are clean-burning, and they are made from renewable resources, and in this case, from a product that would otherwise be scrapped, sawdust.  You can purchase our pellets by the bag (40lb.) or by the ton.  Please ask about the convenince of deliver.

We are here for you; feel free to call any of our quailifed staff members with any of your questions.


Turman Pellets, Get The Best For Your Stove or Insert!!

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