Quadra-Fire Adventure III wood stove

Big Wood Stove

Quadra-Fire Adventure III Big Wood Stove

The Smartest Wood Stove You’ll Ever Use

This is one Big Wood Stove!  

Just Look How Much Wood It Can Hold…


The Quadra-Fire Adventure III Big Wood Stove is the smartest wood stove you will ever use.  It is equipped with Smart Burn Technology™ which delivers a controllable clean burn and also efficient heat for your home.  This is a Bold, Brilliant, Big Wood Stove; you load the wood, light the fire, and walk away.  Now that’s an amazing wood stove!  The Quadra-Fire Adventure III Big Wood Stove maintains the room temperature by being connected to a programmable thermostat in your home, business, or cabin.

We created the video above, so you are able to see the large pile of wood it can hold and it could still hold more than we’ve shown on the video.  You really need to see this big wood stove to believe a  stove like this exists with the ability to self-regulate, this is thanks again to Smart Burn Technology™.

This is the perfect wood stove for those of you looking to cut heating bill up to half for the cold winter season.  Imagine a big wood stove that holds the amount of wood you viewed in the video above and more… and you do not need to give it constant attention.  You can have cozy comfortable heat and spend your time doing other things, which we are sure will be more fun and exciting.  You can just feel the warmth this wood stove will bring to your home.

The Quadra-Fire Adventure III Big Wood Stove is the most exciting thing to come along in the area of wood stoves for your home, business, cabin, etc in a long time.

This is the Big Wood Stove you’ve been waiting for!

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